HBD me!


Today is my 24th bday so I thought I would share 24 things you may not know about me! 

  1. I started MKW Graphics the summer before my senior year of college.
  2. MKW = Michelle Kathryn Wintersteen. 
  3. I make a really good spicy margarita.
  4. I studied abroad in Italy twice. 
  5. I know every word to American Pie by Don McLean and it's an 8 minute song. 
  6. I am one of 5 girls.
  7. I gave up wearing contact lenses long ago and opted for glasses instead. They since have become synonymous with my brand. 
  8. I came up with a logo design for a client while in a massage. 
  9. My family splits time between San Diego and Lake Tahoe.
  10. I love mexican food, but LOATHE beans. 
  11. I love going through facebook events and clicking 'interested' on everything. 
  12. I get more star struck by my instagram crushes than actual celebrities. 
  13. I am totally self taught in all the design programs I use. 
  14. I have always been passionate about community service and started my first service group in 5th grade collecting socks for homeless people. 
  15. I helped my mom and my sister with the website designs for their businesses. 
  16. I could eat breakfast burritos for the rest of my life and be completely content. 
  17. I want to improve my photography skills. 
  18. I am now addicted to podcasts. 
  19. My first dog will be a yellow lab named Wilson. 
  20. The best ice cream is cherry garcia but the best fro yo combo is coconut and salted caramel.
  21. I currently don't have a car after I crashed mine Easter weekend.
  22. I come from an entire family of female entrepreneurs.
  23. I did a mini-triathlon in high school.
  24. I LOVE BEING FREELANCE because it gives me the lifestyle I want and the flexibility to travel!