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(you heard me, CHRISTMAS...among other holidays) is almost here!

Honestly, what better way to show the people you love a little extra Christmas cheer than with something totally original... 

When I first graduated college, I made A TON of custom artwork for people, and still do, although I don't share it too much. I was a fine arts and art history double major at USD so art is very near and dear to my heart. However, I remember my senior year telling my advisors that I didn't really consider myself an artist. I was never that student with ideas flooding out of sketchbooks or all over my studio walls. BUT, give me a prompt and I will go a million miles an hour to present some out of the box, original, and unique ideas... I just need the spark! 

However, I have collaborated on some pretty killer art commissions over the years and I want you all to be able to have a piece of them, too! 




Here's how it works: 

  • ALL DESIGNS ARE ORIGINAL AND MADE MY MOI // Since 2014, I've been making these as gifts for others, artwork for Savvy Giving by Design, and graphics for my own social media. So why not turn them into beautiful art pieces for your home? I will be adding plenty more in the future!

  • ALL PRINTS ARE SIZED FOR AT HOME PRINTING // After your purchase, you'll get a PDF that you can print from any standard at-home printer (just make sure you have enough ink in it first). DISCLAIMER: Price does not include printing or framing. (...obviously)

  • LOOKING FOR SOMETHING A BIT BIGGER? NO PROB. // If you're looking to make more of a statement with one of these pieces, consider bumping up the size! Simple illustrations and photos like these look great on a larger scale: 11x14," 18x24," even 36x48"! Contact me if you're looking for a larger piece and we can coordinate via email! I'll send you the final artwork so you can have it printed by the vendor of your choice. (Don't hesitate to ask me for recommendations!)

  • ALL DESIGNS CAN BE CUSTOMIZED // Interested in adding something personal? No prob! Want to change the colors to match your decor? Easy Peasy! Want to add a special date or quote to a piece? My pleasure! You'll be presented with options to customize at check out. If you opt for edits, please note that additional service fee may apply. I will contact you after your purchase about which edits you are looking for and you'll have a beautiful, original, unique piece of art in no time!

  • YOU'RE SUPPORTING SMALL BUSINESS... THAT'S ME! // I promise to do a literal real-life happy dance when each one of these is purchased. I am so lucky to be able to do what I do, travel the world and work with truly wonderful people. By buying one of my pieces, you're helping to support me and my dream! Doesn't that feel good?


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