Designer Hack: D.I.Y. Small Business Saturday Graphics


Small Business Saturday is around the corner and if you are a small business owner, you'll definitely want to let your clients, friends, families, and colleagues know what you are up to! 

I have been running MKW Graphics for a little over three years and have had the pleasure of working with ambitious entrepreneurs, top-notch service professionals, and just freaking awesome human beings. Being a small business owner comes with a whole host of struggles, (that deserves its very own blog post) and I know just as well as anyone that it isn't always cost-effective to hire a graphic designer for every graphic you might need. 


I recently launched my freebies page on my website as a way to create resources for friends, clients and other creative small business professionals and to help create more original, royalty free, well designed (if I do say m'self) content into the world. So...

Enter... Small Business Saturday Graphics!

Here's a Step by Step Guide to creating your own ORIGINAL, ON-BRAND, Small Business Saturday Social Media Graphics!

STEP 1: Opt-in to the MKW Graphics Small Business Saturday Graphics Album

These are all hand drawn original vector graphics in both a black and white transparent png. (What the heck is a png? Read more here: File Types Explained). You'll definitely want to 'join the shared album' as I will be adding more Small Business Saturday Graphics over time! 

MKW_Small Business Saturday Graphics-05.png

Google Photos-icon.png

STEP 2: Download Google Photos from the App Store 

This app is great in more ways than one. Not only will it back up your photos from your phone and computer, but it allows you to keep everything organized into nice albums and best of all, its artificial intelligence will organize images based on categories. For example, I typed in 'coffee' and it populated all my latte art images into an album. (Want 'em? Download here!) 



STEP 3: While you're at it, Download Adobe Sparkpost

Adobe Sparkpost is an absolute game-changer when it comes to creating custom, on-brand social media graphics on-the-go. You can use transparent pngs (like logos, watermarks, and Small Business Saturday Graphics wink wink) over top your own brand colors (using hex codes) OR over images, patterns, textures, etc. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you can also take a graphic that you've made and adjust it to all the different dimensions like facebook post, instagram post, pinterest, instagram story, blog post, etc. Doing this is even FASTER than hiring me to give you the graphics in all dimensions because I have to resize images and text to make them optimized for each platform whereas Adobe Sparkpost sizes everything for you accordingly. Win win win win. 

STEP 4: Follow the D.I.Y. Social Media Graphics from your iPhone Tutorial 

I shared this tutorial not too long ago, and it has really helped my clients in creating their content when they need it instead of being dependent on me. Follow the same steps to create your Small Business Saturday Masterpiece! 

Pro Tip: Consider adding your special Small Business Saturday offer! Giving a percentage off, or 'Save $10' Discount Code for your product or services is a great way to entice your following to #shopsmall by supporting you and your small business. 

You can do this by adding additional text fields like I show you in the tutorial! 


Share your masterpiece! I would love to see what you have created so be sure to tag me in your posts with @mkwgraphics on instagram, facebook and twitter! 

Supporting small businesses has always been near and dear to my heart. My mom, sister, aunt, grandmother, and great-grandmother are or were all small business owners. Entreprenurial spirit is strong in this family! Feel free to reach out to me on any social media platform at any time! I would love to connect with you!


STEP 6: Pay it Forward 

I love creating tutorials, graphics and blogs that are helpful to people. My only request is that in exchange, you give back to another and help them in any way that you can. Read: Why Every Small Business Should Give Back. My favorite non-profit and passion project is Savvy Giving by Design. You can read more about what we do, who we help and how to get involved on our website but I would also love it if you would consider making a donation online! Every dollar goes such a long way in helping us create dream rooms for children and families who are facing medical crises.