Freelance 101: How to Keep KILLIN' IT with your Blog Content feat. Libby Landry, Simple Wellness Co.

Libby Landry: Blogging badass, healthy person

Libby Landry: Blogging badass, healthy person


You may have heard along the line that content is king and consistency is queen. If that is the case, then Libby Landry from Simple Wellness Co. has got the royal family on lock. Launching in Spring 2017, Libby has since uploaded 37+ blogs to her own site and guest blogged for sites like Stasher Bags, B+YND, Denizen Business Builder, and Dr. Bret Scher.

When I asked Libby if she would be interested in doing a feature on my blog, I told her I wanted her to be the gold standard for my clients in their blogging ventures.

Why did you start Simple Wellness Co and what is your background pertaining to the health and wellness space?

I started Simple Wellness Co. after I graduated with my Masters in Public Health. The workplace is an ideal setting to impact someone’s health and well-being. Most people spend 8+ hours per day at their job, that’s nearly two-thirds of our waking hours! My mission is to make the workplace the healthiest and happiest environment it can be.

On average, how many days in advance do you write your blogs? Or do you write them on the fly?

This truly depends on the week. Sometimes my creative juices are flowing and sometimes they’re not. In an ideal world, I’d write 3 posts on Sunday for the coming week based on content that is inspiring me, urgent health news, or topics that are important to me. Some weeks I write them the day of!

Did you have a blogging content strategy? Or did you just hit the ground running?

My strategy was just to maintain consistency. That was the biggest thing I had read when starting a blog/business. If you want people coming back to your site and trusting you as a source for whatever topic, you need to be constantly giving them a reason to! New content, consistently.

How do you come up with blog ideas?

I try to marry health and wellness to the workplace in all of my posts and provide a variety of topics. So, I always do a wellness round-up on Monday’s of my favorite health articles that I’ve read over the past week. Then, a combination of posts that are about individual health within the workplace or workday with posts that are geared more toward companies and their leaders. Sometimes I’ll ask my audience for things they want to see, sometimes I just write what I want!

When do you know how to include other businesses’ links in your blogs?

I always give credit where credit is due if I’m synthesizing information from other sources. That’s rule #1! I do also give shout-outs to lots of companies in my posts. I’m not paid to do this (wish I was!). But, I only highlight companies that have values that align with mine. If I like a product, I’ll promote the heck out of it simply because I want to share it with the masses!

Where do you use the content you’ve created after you’ve blogged it? Email? Social? Pinterest?

Currently, I am just posting to social media (Facebook and IG). Creating a newsletter and Pinterest accounts for my business are on my never-ending to-do list! Any social media interns out there?! I can pay you in gluten-free pumpkin muffins :)

Which blogs have you been a guest writer for and how did you approach them? Or did they approach you?

This has been one of the coolest parts of starting this business! Writing for companies I admire has been incredibly rewarding. The most well-known brand is Stasher, a plastic-free reusable bag company that I’m obsessed with. You can cook in them, microwave them, put them in the dishwasher, reuse them….all the things! They even sent me a few free bags as a thank-you. I’ve also written a handful of posts for B+YND, a health and wellness community based out of Philly. They were calling for bloggers via their IG and I sent them an email! Days later I was writing my first post. Lastly, I was approached to write for Dr. Bret Scher by a local marketing company.

What’s your best advice for someone who hates writing?

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. See what’s trending in your topic and write about that. Pumpkin spice is obviously huge right now so I put my own spin on it: the healthiest workday pumpkin spice snacks. And, don’t force it. If it doesn’t feel right or it isn’t speaking to you, toss the idea and try something new. Or, take a step away and come back to it.

What blogs do you look to for inspiration?

I follow tons of blogs in my industry: LifeDojo, Wellable, DORN, WELCOA, Headspace, mindbodygreen. I also love Create & Cultivate, B+YND, Well + Good, and Nutritious Life. And then blogs from some of my favorite companies: Perfect Bar, stasher, Bloguettes, Denizen, and Thrive Market.  

What blog would you love to be a part of and why?

Oh gosh, there’s so many. Honestly ANY of the ones I mentioned above. They’re all so respectable in their own way and have really created a culture of trust with their audiences by regularly publishing good quality content.

You’ve been approached by businesses to feature their products in your blogs. How did you navigate that?

I will happily write an honest review about (almost) anything on my blog! Ok, as long as it’s within the large umbrella of health and wellness. It needs to make sense with your brand, right? So, be selective in what you take on. Agree to feature products or companies that have similar values and missions. Like, it probably doesn’t make sense for me to write a post about the benefits of smoking cigarettes (there aren’t any, by the way) just because Camel wants to pay me. That doesn’t fit my brand or align with my values.

If you could write about something NOT health or wellness related, what would you write about and why?

This was a hard one! I think if I had the skillset, I’d love to be a photographer and blog about traveling all over the world.

How has blogging affected your website traffic?

Blogging drives so much traffic! Otherwise, why else would people go to my site once they know who I am and what I do…? I notice on the days when I post to my IG or Facebook accounts that a new post is live, my traffic increases dramatically!


After years of struggling with her personal health issues and finding her way back to feeling good through lifestyle changes, Libby knew she wanted to be involved in health and wellness for a living. Her philosophy on health is to keep it simple (hence, the name!). Health and wellness shouldn't be some mysterious, unattainable place...we can all get there with small adjustments in our everyday life. Yes, it really can be that simple. 

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