5 Reasons to hire Freelancer over Fiverr for your Logo

Freelancer over Fiverr-01.png

I am a bargain lover, Marshall's shopper 'til the day I die. I get a literal rush out of finding something on sale or discounted. I try subscription services for the first free box then cancel. I LOVE a good deal, so even I was enticed by Fiverr. The website, if you are not familiar is basically a platform to get anything (and I mean anything) at a discounted price. They list it as "EVERYTHING YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS, SIMPLIFIED: Talented freelancers, millions of digital services, on budget and on time." It may sound counterintuitive, but even a good bargain-lover should consider hiring a real Freelancer over a Fiverr designer for their logo design. Coming up on my third year of Freelance graphic design business here are my thoughts on the topic.

1. IT'S A BETTER VALUE - Ok yes, I hear you loud and clear. How is a $1,000 logo a better value than a $5 logo?! Michelle, it's not opposite day. I know, hear me out. Think of the value your logo will hold for your business. A great logo lasts FOREVER. The Coca-Cola logo was originally drawn  in 1885 (History of Coca-Cola Logo). Think of your logo as having a monetary value attached to it for each thing that it will touch, or each pair of eyes that will see it. Is it on your website? Social? Business card? A Fiverr designer isn't going to take the time like a freelancer will to a.) get to know who you are b.) get to know your business goals and c.) get to know where you are headed. Someone trained and educated in visuals (like m'self, ehem Bachelors Degrees in Visual Arts and Art History) has a heightened sense of what visuals will work based on your initial consultation.

2. ORIGINAL ARTWORK - Working with a freelancer ensures that your logo artwork will be original. It is important to make logos that don't look like a competitor and aren't a carbon copy of someone else's (could cause costly trademark issues down the road). Simple google searches will show that Fiverr designers often use clip art based designs for their work. Simple economics really! If you are churning out hundreds of logos for $5, you turn to pre-made symbols and icons to get it done, FAST! Faster may be furious, but that doesn't mean it's best for you or your business.

3. IT'S DETRIMENTAL TO THE DESIGN COMMUNITY - Websites like Fiverr dilute the amount of good design out there and devalue the design community. As designers, we want to be challenged, to push the envelope and really to change the world and how we see things. YOUR LOGO and YOUR BUSINESS help us do that. The idea that your business identity can be boiled down to a $5 design not only is frustrating for designers, but it also communicates a lot about how you value your own business! How would a client want to buy a product or service for $$$ if you only invested $5 in your logo?

4.  COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS - Like many freelancers, I am an avid networker and I want to connect you to other business colleagues! If I can't help you with something, I might know someone who can! I love referring my clients to past clients, friends, neighbors and all around good people! Working with a freelancer gives you the opportunity to tap into their network and get some free marketing when they share your logo in their portfolio!

5. REAL LIFE HAPPY DANCE - I am a believer in good karma! Each time I get to build a logo and a brand for someone I do a little happy dance. By helping you, you're helping me continue to work my dream job. That just rocks.