5 Interior Design Website Tips + Ponton Interiors Launch


Who doesn’t love a good Launch Day?! Today I am happy to share a website that has been in the works for a WHILE, but one that I am very proud of! Here’s a master recap of the Ponton Interiors Website Design using Squarespace! (Did you know I am a Squarespace Circle member? See more of the websites I have designed here.) The website design process can be an intricate one, and this project for Ponton Interiors was no exception. Today, I am sharing my notes from the website design process and how we got from branding concept to full website design.

Ponton Interiors Website Launch

It all starts with the Branding

Kylie and I first started working together to design her brand, Ponton Interiors. Her mission is…

to create bespoke interiors with a collaborative approach. Our clients desire design that is innovative and informative, resulting in beautiful environments that will enhance their lifestyle.

With this in mind, we came up with a logo mark and brand that could communicate her attention to detail, hands-on approach with clients, and refined aesthetic.

The advantage to designing the branding first, is that we have all the tools to then build out the rest of her website. (More info on brand guides in What the Heck are Brand Guides and Why Your Small Biz Needs Them).

Basically, the brand guides gives us all the logos, colors, fonts, graphics, and patterns we need to build out the website from a style perspective. What I love most about what we created in the branding was that we didn’t rely to heavily on the color white. So often you see brands use white as the default background for everything, which can leave things feeling very stark and plain. I loved that we had a really complete and polished palette of dusty blues to play with on the website.

Picking a Theme

Now, I design websites on Squarespace (duh). You can see my website gallery here and click on any of the thumbnails to see the websites themselves. As you'll see, the websites are super consistent with the branding to make sure everything is super consistent and professional. My website designs include up to 5 custom pages (usually home, about, contact, blog, and services), mailchimp integration, social platform integration, custom forms, custom popups, custom graphics (whichever we come up with for the branding + more when necessary). Here's more on that process: Web Design Process.

I love Squarespace because I don't believe in being the gatekeeper of your website (a lot of designers do), so instead, my clients will register for Squarespace (selecting the plan and domain that works best for them) and add me as a contributor, which allows me to hop in and set all of the design parameters, the organization, optimizations, etc. I find Squarespace to be super intuitive, so my clients will be able to go in and make edits to text copy, calls to action, etc. without pinging me each time they need a change. I also provide tutorials for updating blogs, testimonials and projects so that they can implement on their own after the project wraps.

For the Ponton Interiors website, I selected the Greenwich Template because of the full width banners and Parallax scroll effects.

interior design website Tips


For my Interior Design clients, I always stress the importance of GOOD Photography. Read more: Branded Photography: What it is and why you need it for your Small Biz

At the end of the day, you can say all your want in your copy, but your images of your work are really going to be integral in selling your services. (Download THIS: Branded Photography Shot List) This is why you see the image slider of her portfolio work front and center to the top of the website. We selected images for this area that best communicated her design style, and would pop against the blue backgrounds.

We used the logo mark and patterns we created throughout the website to create a consistent brand feel that would compliment the photography.

mkwArtboard 1.png


The second section of the Ponton Interiors Site prominently displays her mission statement and a call to action. Mission Statements should describe in a few short sentences what you do, who you serve, and how you serve them. This is where we have “Our clients desire design that is innovative and informative, resulting in beautiful environments that will enhance their lifestyle.”

Below your mission statement, it is important to include a button or click through that is a call to action. What do you want the visitor on your website to do NEXT? Here are some suggestions:

  • Get Started (link to contact page)

  • See our Services (link to services page)

  • View more of the Portfolio (link to portfolio page)



EVERY INTERIOR DESIGNER SHOULD HAVE A BLOG. I can’t stress this enough. Blogging is a great way to index your projects, give background to your working process, document your design work over time, EDUCATE your clientele or simply drive more traffic with SEO.

Don’t know what to blog? Download my 100+ Interior Design Blog Prompts.

A good blog will do some of all of the above. Most importantly, blogs are an opportunity to capture your audience on your email list, so that you can market to them over time. Like this:



Testimonials are a fantastic way to encourage your potential client/web visitor to move forward with your product or service. I followed this tutorial from Big Cat Creative: How to Add a Testimonial Slider to Squarespace which uses summary blocks and a hidden blog page to create a click through of testimonials.



The footer area of your website is a great opportunity to give a visitor more information. Here are some ideas of elements you can include in your website footer:

  • Instagram Banner

  • Newsletter Subscribe Block

  • Map of your area (if you only work in 1 location)

  • Secondary Navigation

  • Search bar

In Conclusion

This really only scratches the surface of what goes into designing a website for an Interior Designer — believe me I know from experience! Check out some of my Interior Design websites from my portfolio!

Are you an Interior Designer that needs a website designed ASAP? Contact me to get started!

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