What's the difference between a Logo and a Brand? (Explained in cake)

I have had a few clients recently ask me what exactly is the difference between a logo and a brand? I've explained it here in the best way I know how... With cake. 



A brand, for our purposes, is going to be the whole cake. A brand from a historical definition comes from the historical verb of branding a.k.a. to mark your cattle with a symbol or letters to show ownership. Today, branding as a business term means the overall perception of a company. 

A Brand can be cut down to different slices...

Logo design branding

LOGO (and other Digital Visuals)

Most recognizable right off the bat is the logo. A logo is a mark or symbol that represents the business in the simplest form. This logo becomes the identity of the business and comes to take on associated meaning with time. Think the Nike swoosh, the target bullseye or even the Starbucks Mermaid. Logos can also be expanded to encompass your other digital visual material like illustrations, patterns, icon sets, etc.


Photography is also huge in communicating your brand. While I'll always prefer original photography, there are great free stock photography resources out there that can help communicate you mission, values, colors and styles. Brand photography also has a long lifetime, from print to digital, social to web. Besides logo, this might be the largest slice of the brand. 


Print marketing is often the next request when building a brand. The business card and letterhead are often must-haves for businesses, especially young ones. Print marketing also includes postcards, brochures, flyers, etc. 


If your business is not a brick and mortar store, you have to think of your website as your virtual storefront. You website should include your logo and brand photography.


Social media is essential for any brand, especially a small business. Platforms like facebook and instagram offer a direct connection to your target audience and are great spots to really let your brand shine. Platforms like Pinterest and LinkedIn are growing in popularity for particular industries. Thanks to social media ads you can really dial in to your clients/customers needs, wants, desires, and questions. Social Media ads can tell you a great deal through analytics as far as the age, gender, location and preferences of your target market. Facebook live, Instagram live and Instagram stories allow you to reach your audience in real time to give them behind the scenes, extra advice and free resources which bolsters your credibility.


Email marketing can be a great extension of your brand. Asking customers and clients to subscribe to your list ensures that everyone getting your email wants to see what you are up to and what you are offering. Email marketing is a great way to show off recent blogs, podcasts, events and projects as well as tease new merchandise, offer sales, etc.

branding voice


Last but not least, you can serve up your brand cake with your brand voice. Voice and tone are so important when considering branding and marketing as a whole. Who are you talking to? How do they talk? Where do they talk? What problem can you help to solve? As a modern business owner, you have to think in terms of serve, serve, serve, serve, ask. The more you are willing to give, the more you will receive in return.