WTF is a Media Kit?


WTF is a Media Kit, you ask? I promise it’s nothing to get your hypothetical panties in a bunch over… In this blog, I am breaking down all you need to know about Media Kits, what they are and how they can make an impact for your business!


What is a Media Kit?

A Media Kit is typically a one page PDF document that can be sent as an attachment in a email to anyone who needs information about you and your business. Also called a press kit, the media kit gives the other party everything they might need to know in order to write a summary about you for a blog post, introduce you on a podcast, pitch you for a collab to their higher up’s, etc.

What does a Media Kit look like?

Here are some examples of media kits that I have helped my clients design in the past:

As you’ll notice, each media kit is slightly different, and the page design is specific to that brand’s ideal audience. It is important to keep in mind that you media kit should use your brand colors, fonts, logos, iconography, images and most importantly your brand voice. Similar to a resume, this may be someone’s first impression of your business and your brand so make sure it’s a good one!


What goes in a Media Kit?


  • Business Name

  • Your Name and Position

  • How to get in touch with you: website, email, phone, social

  • Short Bio written in 3rd person

  • Social Media Stats and Demographics

  • Website Link

  • Headshot (Read More on the importance of brand photography here!)

  • accomplishments, reviews, accredidations


  • fun facts: favorite colors, most used emojis, past employment, passion projects, favorite foods, or anything else that your ideal audience might identify with

  • talking points: if you are trying to become a guest for another biz’s video/blog/podcast/event, etc. it would be a good idea to include what topics you could cover

  • Calls to action: What do you want the person who receives your Media Kit to do next?


Do I really need a Media Kit?

Short answer: No.

You can absolutely run your small biz without a media kit.

Long Answer:

HOWEVER, like most things when you’re a small business owner, having a prepped, professional and polished media kit could mean the difference between booking that client, contract, podcast, guest blog opportunity, speaking gig, etc and NOT booking it. News outlets, blogs, magazines, and other publications ESPECIALLY rely on ‘media kits,’ ‘press kits,’ and ‘one-pagers’ in order to produce quality content on tight time frames. Having all of your information centralized instead of scattered about your website is a great way to make it easier on those who want to share your story.


Who makes Media Kits?

ME! Not kidding.

I would be more than happy to help you make your media kit in a way that reflects your brand and puts your best foot forward with your future ventures. Interested?