How Small Biz's can use Motion Graphics

Today, it’s all about MOTION today over on the MKW Graphics Blog!

On yesterday’s very special edition of #desIGnLIVE (my weekly-ish) instagram live show, I got to interview motion graphics designer and creative extraordinaire,! Fred and I know each other because we were housemates thanks to WiFi Tribe in Cape Town South Africa a the beginning of the year. (Read more about my 6 Highlights from 6 Weeks in Cape Town with WiFi Tribe). Having dabbled in motion graphics a little myself, I knew how time intensive and intricate creating flat things into moving things can be, so once I knew Fred was able to create the motion graphics that I was dreaming up in my mind, I kept him in my back pocket for client projects!


Motion Whats?

What are Motion Graphics?

Motion Graphics are exactly what they sound like: moving graphics. Motion Graphics is a larger category or umbrella that industries like animation, motion capture, and even augmented reality and projection mapping can fall under.

Motion graphics are all around us, from movies, to commercials, to videogames and even the little gifs we love to use in instagram stories! But during our interview, I was really interested in talking to Fred about how Small Businesses can find ways to work in motion graphics.

Why would a Small Businesses Use Motion Graphics?

Let’s consult the stats on this one. Forbes reports that a whopping 84% of internet traffic in 2018 can be attributed to video. (Thanks netflix, and those-sites-that-shall-not-be-named-here) HOWEVER, when you think about how MASSIVE the internet really is, that is quite a staggering statistic.

Additionally, Forbes reports that motion graphics can help grow revenue for businesses 49% faster than non-moving graphics. As small business owners, don’t we all want to see that revenue increase? Duh.

Lastly, those same reports show that only 46% of viewers watch videos all the way to the end, which means, if you are producing video content it must be engaging for your audience, otherwise, they are going to tune you out.

Here are my thoughts on WHY a Small Biz might want to introduce motion graphics to their visual strategy:

  • Increase Brand Awareness

  • Create opportunities for Audience Interaction

  • Stand out from competitors


Great, but how:

How would a Small Business use motion graphics?

Based on my conversation with Fred, here are some brainstorm ideas for how a Small Biz like yourself, might be able to leverage motion graphics:

Explainer Video

An explainer video can be used my a small business to, well, explain a product, service, process or mission/vision. Think of these like moving infographics or a way to animate a concept in your biz that you find yourself explaining over and over again

Promotional Video

These kinds of videos would be for sales, new releases, expanded services, etc. For example, if you own a bake shop, and you’re announcing a new flavor of cookie right before the holidays, then a Promotional Video is what you want to be working on!

Emotive Video

An emotive motion graphics video is one that is going to pull at the heart strings, and communicate a high level goal, mission or vision for your small business. When we first started Savvy Giving by Design, I made this brief animation to illustrate how our organization worked.


Create on-brand GIFs for Social Media

If you’re like me, you looooove using GIFs. (and it’s gif with a guuh, since it stands for Graphic Interchange Format and NOT jif, the peanut butter). Gifs are super simple, looping animations (mostly motion graphics) that Instagram recently announced as stickers for stories. Here’s more: How to Make Gifs for Instagram Stories

Add Personality and Flair to Website

THIS is the project that I was discussing with Fred on yesterday’s LIVE. We collaborated on the line icons that I drew as part of Balanced by Katie, and animated them to motion graphics for her website. The motion is super subtle, but it does add that extra level of intrigue, and attention to detail, which is PERFECT for her yoga and physical therapy business.

Sooooo how do you get started?


Free Guide

Color Palette + Mood Board Download

Here are some things to think about BEFORE you get started with making motion graphics for your small business:

Identify Mission & Vision for Graphics

What is the mission/vision of the motion graphics? How will these motion graphics help YOU do you job better? Or sell more of your product or service?

Who will the Graphics be for?

Identify your audience for these motion graphics. Who are the motion graphics for? How and where will they see or interact with the motion graphics? What will they do after they’ve seen the motion graphics?

How will they help your BRAND?

How will your BRAND be communicated through these motion graphics? Think about colors, fonts, logos, styles of movement… will there be voiceover? Text? Music? Keep your Brand Guides handy! Read: What the Heck are Brand Guides and Why does my Small Biz Need Them

Start Storyboarding

A storyboard is like a rough sketch of the frames that will make up you motion graphic… Think of these like film stills that map out your story. Start sketching these before you meet with your designer so they have an idea of what you’re looking for! Read: What is a Storyboard and Why do you Need One

Hire your design team!

If making motion graphics is outside of your wheelhouse (if you’re reading this, it probably is) THIS is where you’d hire professionals! I would LOVE to talk to you more about how motion graphics can uplevel your small biz and what we can accomplish together, with Fred’s help of course!!