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How to Get Started with Amazon Afffiliates

Jeff Besos may be no good at sexting, but DAMN Amazon is a powerhouse of a platform!!! Earlier this year, I signed up to be an Amazon Affiliate just out of plain curiosity. Over the last 3 weeks, I’ve done a ton of research and brainstorming on how I can start to incorporate Amazon Product referrals into my EXISTING content marketing plan, and I am happy to report, it’s workin’ people! I am a total NOOB at this stuff, but $151 is good money where I come from! And it’s only the beginning! In this blog, I am outlining 4 Steps to take to get you started with Amazon Affiliates/Associates (?) program. I am going to preface this by saying, I AM NOT AN EXPERT, and that this is just what I’ve done, and I am sharing it so you might be able to do it, too. :)

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Moodboard → Brand Photoshoot ft. Amazon Props

No matter where you are in your business, planning a brand photoshoot with a LEGIT PHOTOGRAPHER (not just your daughter or boyfriend with an iPhone) is so so so worth the investment. From web, to social to blogs, print marketing and more, having your own stock pile of images to pull from will save you time, stress, and headaches. In this blog, I will suggest my tips for planning a photoshoot and three examples on how to source props that are consistent with your branding.

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My 10 Travel Must-Haves for Long Trips

Travel packing can be stress-inducing or a total breeze, and it all depends on how much you prep! After a year and a half of nomad-ing, here’s a recap of my top 10 travel must-pack’s for longer term trips specifically: organization, tech and accessories I can’t leave home without!

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