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Squarespace Tutorial: CSS Blog Post Summaries → Card Style Design

Styling your Squarespace Summary blocks just got so much more stylish. By customizing the background of the summary content with color fill, borders, and an offset “read more” button, you blog goes from boring to editorial. Copy and paste the exact code I used to make this design into your CSS Editor!

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How to Get Started with Amazon Afffiliates

Jeff Besos may be no good at sexting, but DAMN Amazon is a powerhouse of a platform!!! Earlier this year, I signed up to be an Amazon Affiliate just out of plain curiosity. Over the last 3 weeks, I’ve done a ton of research and brainstorming on how I can start to incorporate Amazon Product referrals into my EXISTING content marketing plan, and I am happy to report, it’s workin’ people! I am a total NOOB at this stuff, but $151 is good money where I come from! And it’s only the beginning! In this blog, I am outlining 4 Steps to take to get you started with Amazon Affiliates/Associates (?) program. I am going to preface this by saying, I AM NOT AN EXPERT, and that this is just what I’ve done, and I am sharing it so you might be able to do it, too. :)

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