Why Every Small Businesses should Give Back to a Local Charity

Ever since I was a young, young kiddo growing up in San Diego, my parents have educated and encouraged me to give back to those less fortunate. My friends and I started a club in the 5th grade collecting socks for the homeless, I volunteered with Best Buddies throughout middle school, was a fierce advocate for sexual assault victims and women's safety after Chelsea King's disappearance during High School. In college as a part of Gamma Phi Beta Sorority we raised money for breast cancer, Rady's Children's Hospital, St. Judes, and volunteered with Girls On the Run. 

Now, as a business owner and entrepreneur, I make it a priority to stay involved in my community by giving back to those in need. Investing time, effort, energy and money into something outside of yourself is both a humbling and empowering experience. 

About two years ago, my mom, Interior Designer and Owner of Savvy Interiors was approached by a family friend about a local 14 year old who had just been diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of facial tissue cancer. A terrible cook, my mom offered to redecorate her room instead to make it optimal for her healing and recovery. Thanks to social media, everyone was on board. Savvy Giving by Design took off. 

I have continued to stay involved with Savvy Giving by Design in the best way that I know how, contributing with graphics, branding, logo design, web design and videos. Each year, I have also been able to design the marketing campaigns and print material around the SGBD fundraiser. 

Beyond this involvement, I really see myself finding plenty of opportunities for MKW Graphics to give back. Recently, I kicked back 20% of the Salty Dog Canvas Bag sales to Labrador Rescuers of San Diego, simply because I have very vivid dreams of my future yellow lab rescue puppy that I will name Wilson. He will love me and only me and he will be my bestest friend.

I've decided that all of my merch orders moving forward will kick back something to charity. This is a win-win because:

  • it feels good! - giving to others is a humbling and gratifying experience
  • opportunity to share audiences - thanks to social media my graphics can reach a philanthropic audience and the philanthropy can get exposure with my audience
  • good karma - I am a big believer in the idea that when you put good juju in the universe, good juju comes your way
  • easier connecting - it is much easier for me to toot my own graphic design horn when I can show by example. I love sharing about Savvy Giving because I am truly passionate about it and I can contribute my skill set to bettering the lives of others which is the ultimate win-win.