Elena Parent is currently the Democratic Senator in the state of Georgia, and reached out with interest in creating a timeless, trustworthy and recognizable personal brand that could carry her throughout her political career.

We worked together on her brand design, and website design and were able to come up with visuals that reflected her brand vision. Here are more details about the project:


step 1: define



Senator Elena Parent is a tireless advocate for the hardworking people of Georgia, and believes that everyone deserves a high quality education and equal access to healthcare because investing in people affords opportunity to all. 


A progressive individual who is involved in the community (schools, parks, civic association volunteer) but who isn’t necessarily super involved politically.


TO BECOME an important voice, rising star. TO EMBODY trustworthiness, transparency, empathy, inclusivity, fairness. TO PROMISE effectiveness, efficiency, intelligent solutions, competence, teamwork across-the-aisle, respect across political spectrum


trustworthy, transparent, likable, empathetic, good communicator, inclusive, personable, modern, approachable.


step 2: design

mkwArtboard 3.png


Throughout the logo design process, we kept coming back to this concept. Since Elena's name is best represented altogether, we decided that having the name all on one line was of ultimate importance. The mixed weight of the font adds visual interest, and the stylized ‘E’ is a subtle nod at the American Flag with the red and white stripes alongside the white star over blue in the top left.

The final result is timeless, strong, and recognizable.

mkwArtboard 3.png

step 3: build

mkwArtboard 2.png

step 4: grow


more soon!


kind words

I’m a State Senator and a colleague recommended Michelle. Her work has been amazing - she is very talented - and she is also efficient and responsive. Her entire process is thorough. I have been very impressed!
— Elena Parent