frequently asked questions


Q. What is Brand Design?

Branding is the combination of logos, colors, fonts, graphics, and photography that make up a way that a brand communicates visually to their ideal clients.

Q. What is included?

By the end of the Brand Design process, you’ll receive a beautiful multi-page PDF called ‘Brand Guides’ which will illustrate how to use the logos, colors, fonts and branding elements. Additionally, you’ll get all of the files organized in a Dropbox folder (including all of the original source files).

Q. How long does the process take?

The Brand Design process typically takes 4-6 weeks from start to finish. The process goes a bit like this:

  • Fill out the Contact Form

  • Consultation Call

  • Onboarding

  • Brand Questionnaire

  • Pinterest Board & Mood Board

  • Design Drafts (4 rounds)

  • Finalize Brand Guides

  • Final Files in Dropbox


Q. Do you design websites?

Yes! I design websites on Squarespace exclusively for my brand design clients. ***Please note: I no longer take on website design projects if MKW Creative Co. did not design your original branding*

Q. Why Squarespace?

I love Squarespace because I find it to be super intuitive and user-friendly! I also can help to provide custom tutorials for adding blogs, testimonials, portfolio pages, etc.

I don’t believe in being the gatekeeper of your website, so instead, you’ll create a Squarespace account and simply add me as a contributor to design the site. At the end of the design process, you’re good to go! I do not offer ongoing website maintenance (none needed with SS!), but I can help with ongoing content marketing services and web edits on a project-by-project or monthly basis.

Q. How long does the Web process take?

The Website Design process is a bit quicker (roughly 2-3 weeks) and goes a little like this:

  • Website Organization Planning

  • Website Copy GoogleDocs

  • Implementation of Design Elements

  • Connection of Social Accounts

  • Set up of Contact Forms, Blog, Newsletter Blocks

  • Website Review

  • Website Launch


Q. How long have you been doing Brand Design?

I started MKW Creative Co. (formerly called MKW Graphics) in 2014 between my junior and senior year of college. I was taking any and all freelance graphic design projects that came my way to get experience, grow my connections, and make my own money!

Since starting, I realized what I really loved the most was collaborating with small business owners and first-time entrepreneurs who were PASSIONATE about the skills, products and services they brought to the table.

In Feb 2019, I rebranded my small business away from just graphic design, to exclusively brand design — helping to define, design, grow and build vibrant small business brands for my incredible clients!

Q. Why aren’t your prices listed?

I truly believe that no two small businesses are the same. Each entrepreneur’s situation is unique, so I price to the project based on my clients needs alongside their budgets, timelines, etc.

It is so important to me that I get the chance to speak with anyone who is interested in brand design so I can make sure we are a good fit for one another. If we aren’t, I am more than hppy to refer you to someone who could better suit your project’s needs!

Q. Why work with MKW?