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Discussing Adventure Photography with @TheRiseandRoam

Meet Lauren, a professional photographer and one of the masterminds behind The Rise and Roam travel blog. She, along with her fiancé, decided to start a blog outlining their adventures, while giving helpful tips and tricks they’ve found along the way. In this week’s desIGn Live, we talk about how Lauren got started in photography, what made her choose to create a blog and what’s next on her travel bucket list!

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Defining Your Niche & Being Vulnerable with @CremeBrands

Starting a business is a big step for a lot of creatives. There’s TONS of considerations. How do you go about finding your niche? Do you take on work that you aren’t passionate about? How can you connect with your clients in an authentic way? Today on desIGn Live: Kathryn Joachim of Creme Brands tells more about finding your niche and how being vulnerable has shaped her business.

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Talkin' Full-Time Travel with Lauren Carey of Girl Gone Abroad

Meet travel blogger Lauren Carey (aka Girl Gone Abroad). Lauren and I met traveling in Costa Rica (as roommates!) and since, she’s been living her best life all over the world. On this week’s #desIGnLIVE, she dished all the deets about the travely life: from her best travel advice to creating engaging content for her instagram and lifestyle blog. Here’s a brief recap of what we covered!

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