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Bringing you this week’s #desIGnLIVE all the way from singapore! This episode’s guest: lauren vanwechel of the rise and roam. lauren is a photographer extraordinaire who started the rise and roam together with her fiancé, a travel blog outlining their adventures around the world.


Q: introduce yourself! What is the rise and roam and why did you want to start it?

A: I’m Lauren. I started The Rise and Roam with my fiancé a year and a half ago. We never even thought about doing a blog or doing this crazy travel thing together. He convinced me to go backpacking for a week in Washington. I had never been before, but I was like, “Oh, sounds easy. I can do that.” It was probably the most hellish experience of my life, but it was so fun. Walking for 8 hours straight, which is the amount of time I’d be sitting in a chair at work, is crazy. The trip was fun and miserable, but I thought, “I want to do these more.” So we started going on more trips. Initially, the blog was purely just for documenting because that alone is just so much fun. I think the objective is just to talk about life and link it to the blog and be able to reach people on a different level. It’s opened up a lot of cool opportunities that I would have never that that I’d be doing!



A: Pinterest is probably my main go-to. I’ve recently been using instagram hashtags, too. Pinterest is like a search engine basically, so I go on there a lot and I just type in different stuff. There’s so many bloggers on Pinterest too, especially travel bloggers, so that helps me plan our trips and decide what hikes we want to go on, etc. It helps you reign it in based on other peoples’ experiences. It’s just my favorite way to get to know the area.

Q: Your photography is beautiful! have you always been into photography? if someone is trying to get into photography, what do you suggest?

A: My first camera was a point and shoot. It wasn’t anything special. First off, it’s about making the investment. Like, if you want to do it, find a camera and don’t focus so much on what kind of camera it is because that really doesn’t have anything to do with you as a photographer and your skill that you’re going to develop. Then, figure out what you like shooting. If you stick with it, the doors will open up.

Q: how do you work on up-leveling your photography?

A: YouTube is always and forever the first thing that I go to, but Lynda did help a lot in the studio lighting set up and the “rules” of photography that you kind of learn, then learn to forget. It’s good to go in knowing the basics and how to get the lighting right and do that stuff, but then once you know it - like with anything - once you know the rules, you can go off on your own way. Lynda was helpful. YouTube was helpful. Just Google. I like reading articles, so Google was super helpful.

Q: what’s on your travel bucket list?

A: There’s so many! I’m thinking New Zealand. So after Chris [my fiancé] and I get married in June. We’re going to go to Napa on our honeymoon. For our honeymoon, we’re going to do something unusual for us and go to Napa, instead of doing our usual camping thing. So that’s going to be our first little trip and then we’re going to Tahoe for a couple weeks and then New Zealand, so maybe next year in January. I think we’re going to plan a trip to New Zealand. Chris has family from New Zealand.


Q: How do you figure out how to filter and edit a personal picture so it fits with your Instagram flow?

A: I think figuring out what you like and finding a similar vibe in your photos, color scheme and edits. The first thing Chris and I did when we were trying to figure out how to edit and make the account look cohesive is to pick 3 colors and we would just rotate between those 3 colors. We would post a forest picture and that would be our green. We would post a sunset picture and that would be our gold. Then, post an ocean photo and that’s our blue. So for months, we went in green, gold, blue, green, gold, blue. After awhile, the feed just looked so good because even if it was different locations, we followed that rotating color scheme. It started to look good together. So I think that’s a good starting point to just figure out what color shades you’re going to stick to. Even if you don’t post them in order and they’re just somewhere on your feed, it’ll start to flow together.


After speaking with Lauren, it’s clear that following your passions is something any of us can do! If you’ve been thinking about getting into photography, or signing up for that improv class, just get out there and follow your intuition. Be sure to check out The Rise and Roam to follow Lauren on her adventures in photography and travel. Catch up with us next week on desIGn Live for more inspirational stories like Lauren’s!


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