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Rebekah Wise is not your average kickboxing gym-owner. In fact, she started her career in the District Attorney’s office fighting for the justice for victims of sex crimes and domestic violence. In her own down time, she found strength and empowerment in kickboxing.

Now, she’s bringing TKO Studios all the badass babes of Campbell, California. When we set out to design her branding, we knew it had to scream “GIRL POWER,” What we were able to create was a brand that embodied what it means to be a Total Knock Out in mind, body and spirit.


step 1: define


TKO Studios is a kickboxing fitness studio whose mission is to empower women through providing high intensity martial arts workouts in a safe and supportive environment. Our members will leave feeling strong, confident, and like they belong to a community of like-minded women in fitness.


Female, strong, athletic, mid 30s, kind, and helpful to others in class. TKO ideal client Our ideal client is goal driven and hustles in every aspect of her life.


“At TKO we believe WOMEN SUPPORT WOMEN. We celebrate diversity. We accept you as you are. We believe women can be intelligent, strong, sexy, kick ass, and successful - all at the same time. We seek to provide a safe and supportive space for you to OWN YOUR POWER. We believe traditional notions of femininity do not define you, YOU DEFINE YOURSELF.


strong, motivated, confident, powerful, athletic, tough, forceful, steady, welcoming

step 2: design

mkwArtboard 8.png

Logo Designs

Since TKO was the acronym for Total Knock Out, we found that the logo was best represented in capital lettering. The pink boxing glove and the lightning bolts become a motif of the brand and are used throughout TKO’s social media, merchandise and website. The logo is represented in 3 orientations so that it can be consistent no matter where it is shown.

mkwArtboard 3.png

step 3: build


It was really important for TKO Brand to have its own icon set. A strong website and social media presence is needed to reach the TKO audience, so designing some line icon illustrations helps to carry the branding from platform to platform. Icon sets also make for great Instagram Story Highlight covers!

tkoArtboard 19.png

step 4: grow

tko studios website design

kind words

There is not enough that I can say about Michelle and the amazing work that she did for myself and the branding of my kickboxing studio. When I first had the idea to open the studio, I knew what I wanted the message to be- women empowerment. After years working as a District Attorney fighting for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, I personally experienced how physical exercise can help a person overcome the hardships of life. I wanted a studio that was inviting to women and helped them feel empowered.

When I spoke to Michelle, I immediately knew she was the perfect fit for the branding of the studio. From the brand design, to the website, to the merchandise, to our content marketing plan- Michelle took all the ideas jumbled and floating around in my head and brought them to life! I am particularly in love with the logo. I wanted a logo that made kickboxing (a stereotypically male sport) more inviting for women who may not be familiar with it.

The use of pink, purple, blue and teal in our branding as well as the pink boxing glove with lightning bolts gave the brand a feminine and strong look. As we were working on the branding, Michelle took every suggestion I had and quickly updated the mock ups to reflect the specific look I desired. She answered every question I had about branding (whether it be print or social media), no matter how amateur the question was.

Michelle also handled every aspect of our merchandising. From coordinating and sourcing the products, to design, to adding mockups to the website, Michelle took care of it all! She is very hands on and available via email or phone when needed. While Michelle was traveling abroad all emails were returned within 24 hours and any projects in the works were updated within that same timeframe. Michelle has such an amazing talent and passion for branding! I highly recommend Michelle for all your branding needs!
— Becki Wise, TKO Studios