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Some people like vanilla, others like chocolate. Each of us are unique, so shouldn’t we be able to shop stores, eat from restaurants, and attend events that align to what we like? Not only what we like, but what we VALYOU?

Valyou is the first values-based search engine that helps conscious consumers find and support small businesses that align with their values.

Kacie Brunell contacted me with this idea in Winter 2018 with a limited time frame (and a bootstrap budget) in order to get branding done in time for a pitch competition. Here’s what we came up with.


step 1: define



Valyou helps people live their values by instantly connecting them to places that care about the same things they do, creating a larger community of values-based consumers.


To empower people to live their values with every decision they make.

We envision a world where it’s easy to live your values with every puchase.


The ideal Valyou end-user is a passionate, educated, experienced, curious, conscious, aware millennial looking to take initiative in his/her life on the causes he/she cares most about. They care deeply about at least one cause and love to get loud about supporting it in as many ways as possible.


Ownership: Woman owned, Veteran owned, Minority owned:
Sustainable: Fair Trade, Environmental, Eco-friendly,
Philanthropic: Charity based, Community Building
Vegan: All Natural

mkwArtboard 5.png


In the moodboard, we selected images that were overall happy, uplifting, welcoming and summer-y. The Valyou brand is meant to encourage and inspire others to think about the choices they make, and support their local community by voting with their dollar.

Valyou the brand is the first in the category of values-based search engines and mobile applications, but the real life application of this app has the most potential — gathering like-minded individuals through community support and small business empowerment.


step 2: design

valYOU logo-14.png

The inspiration for the Valyou logo was to harken back to the sign painter script of small business storefronts from 1950-1970. The slight vintage flair of the letterforms gives the logo design a handcrafted and wholesome feel, instead of something that felt tech-y or corporate.

The ligature on the bottom of the letter Y helps to accent “You,” the primary focus of the logo and the branding. The logo mark is balanced by the similar shapes of the v and u, and a subtle wave effect adds even more free-flowing character to the mark.

mkwArtboard 3.png


check back soon for more!



kind words

Michelle is so incredibly talented. She truly loves her craft, and her passion and curiosity are very well translated to her clients, myself included! She is also extremely responsive. I contacted her with less than 2 weeks in advance of a deadline, and she never complained. We jumped right into the work and she helped me clarify thoughts around my brand that I had not yet pondered. I strongly recommend her to anyone, especially those in the earlier phase of their venture because Michelle is so great at taking a lofty, abstract idea and making it more tangible and real. I truly had a great experience and cannot wait to continue working with her!
— Elena Parent