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How to Gracefully Quit a Client before they Quit You

Vulnerability SZN over here at MKW Creative Co. Throwing in the towel, sending the white flag, or squealing “uncle” are all ways to Q U I T a project that is just a poor fit for your biz. In this blog, I am outlining how to identify when a project is going south, how to approach quitting the project with your client, and how to end things gracefully so you, the freelancer, come out unscathed.

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End of the Year #AskmeAnything

Yesterday on my #desIGnLIVE, (my weekly-ish instagram live series where I talk all things branding and entrepreneurship) I did a little #askmeanything and took your questions about starting my biz, adobe creative cloud, Pinterest boards, etc. Since I did not pull together a ‘2018 Year in Review’ Blog this year, I am opting for this as a blog instead!

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Meet the MKW Fall '18 Interns!

Happy to announce the Fall 2018 Interns with MKW Graphics! These lovely leading ladies will be helping with brand design, creative direction and content marketing for the fall ‘semester’! Get to know them, what they love, and give them a follow!

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