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Make On-Brand Pinterest Graphics INSIDE of Pinterest

Maybe it’s new, or maybe it is just me, but I found a way to make ON-BRAND Pins without ever leaving Pinterest! Someone over at Pinterest HQ must have read my subconscious mind because now my brand design clients can have beautiful, on-brand, highly clickable graphics with their logo and title text from within the platform. This blog is a step by step tutorial for turning your images into perfect pins!

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7 Books that Changed my Small Biz (for the better)

Being a small biz owner is no joke, and statistically, the majority of Small Businesses will fail within the first 5 years. As I approach my own five year mark (full of failures, lessons, big oopses, by the way) I wanted to take the time to share the business books I have read that really changed not only the way I thought about my small business, but changed the way I thought about myself as a business owner. Here’s a breakdown of my top faves!

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Twitter Schedulers for Busy Entrepreneurs

Let’s be honest… of all the social platforms, Twitter is my weakest link. But that doesn’t mean it should be ignored! Instead, I decided to employ the help of a Twitter scheduler so I could batch write my tweets, share my content, and reach a new audience. Here’s a rundown of the Twitter schedulers I found and how they can help with Tweet Scheduling for small biz’s.

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